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    Question in Regards to Mobile Synced Folder on Lightroom Desktop


      Hello everyone!


      Quick question in regards to Lightroom / Lightroom Mobile Sync.


      I'm pretty new to Lightroom, and upon first using it and pairing with Lightroom Mobile, I had a folder such as this appear, which essentially displayed my iPhone asa device synced with Lightroom desktop on my Mac:


      Example of synced folders:



      At some point I decided to open up the catalog in Lightroom on a different computer, as I had stored the catalog itself on Google Drive, and my actual photos on an external drive. What I didn't realize beforehand was that I also had to redirect my mobile synced images folder to an external drive, as those were in fact stored locally by Lightroom by default. So when I had tried opening and using Lightroom on the second computer, I got an error message that said that Lightroom mobile images could not be synced because the folder could not be located. It took me a bit of trial and error to realize that the locally stored mobile sync folder was the issue. In between this realization, though, I had tried to do a "Delete All Data" to clear out any previously stored data and start fresh.


      So after doing a delete all data in the Synced Catalog, I went ahead and and redirected Lightroom to store mobile synced images on my external drive, in a folder that I created.

      Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.37.50 AM.png

      After doing this and rebooting Lightroom, however, my usual synced iPhone folder with imported images no longer displays under my folders. I would have assumed this to be perfectly fine, as I know that Lightroom is simply now using my external drive as the source for mobile synced photos. However I'm not sure if this is necessarily normal?

      Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.31.07 AM.png

      My Lightroom mobile is indeed synced with Lightroom, as I have access to my Lr Mobile Collections, and can sync my collections and they show up perfectly fine. Additionally, any photos I upload via Lr Mobile are automatically added to the Mobile Synced Folder I created upon sync from the Lightroom mobile.


      However I'm concerned that there may be some issue here which I'm not aware of. I tried using this newly created catalog with the newly specified file locations, and for some reason the mobile synced images don't necessarily sync properly anymore - at least seamlessly across both my computers. For some reason I get multiple virtual copies created within my catalog. Could this have to do with the Mobile Downloads.lrdata file locally stored on each computer? Currently the Mobile Downloads.lrdata file doesn't store to my external drive, even though that's where my "in use" catalog is.


      Like I said, the catalog seems to work fine in the way that I've set it up on my primary laptop, however I no longer see the Synced "iPhone" folder displayed. And when I switch over to using Lightroom on my secondary desktop, there's a whole slew of duplication issues that occur. For example all of my collections from my catalog that I have chosen to sync with Lr Mobile somehow get duplicated as entirely new files under the "Lr Mobile" collection, which then results in duplications of each folder on the Lr Mobile app itself. I just want to be able to use the catalog seamlessly across two different laptops!


      If anyone has any clarification/guidance/assistance that they could provide for this challenge that I'm having, it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


      I just want to get back to editing photos haha


      Thanks so much,