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    Troubel when recieving files create on a MAC useing Helvetica Light TrueType font.

    nidall F



      we often receive InDesign files produced by others parties where they use Helvetica Light TrueType font ( please se Metadata that I exported from one of the files )

      We only use PC.s and we have some Helvetica Fonts installed but not the exact one mentioned above. so when the file is open we are faceing some issues when choosing a different Helvetica font.


      My question is.. Is there a Helvetica Light TrueType font the we can by to use on our PC.s?

      if not is there another way we can make this work? as Make sure that an external party uses the Helvetica light .OTF is a bit of a hassle.


      As you can see my understanding of how fonts works i general is a bit shaky. So please feel free to elaborate.


      all the best




      Meta data from recieved InDesign file containing the Helvetica Light TrueType

      <FontFamily Self="di1c8" Name="Helvetica">

      <Font Self="di1c8FontnHelvetica Light" FontFamily="Helvetica" Name="Helvetica Light" PostScriptName="Helvetica-Light" Status="Substituted" FontStyleName="Light" FontType="TrueType" WritingScript="0" FullName="Helvetica Light" FullNameNative="Helvetica Light" FontStyleNameNative="Light" PlatformName="$ID/" Version="10.0d1e1" TypekitID="$ID/" />