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    Background layers behaving badly

    BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

      I'm confused by the behavior of a background layer in one specific file. Is it me? (probably) The file? The software?


      Background: this came up in class yesterday, prompting my student to ask, "What is the point of a locked background layer?" My eloquent response: "ummm".


      CC 2017.1: normal behavior when you try to move a background layer with the Move tool.

      Photoshop CCss_004.png

      CC 2017.1 with this specific file open. When you drag the background layer, it just moves and renames itself Layer 0.

      Photoshop CCss_006.png

      Before you tell me it's not a "real" background layer (I've been tricked before by floating layers renamed "Background" and locked), Photoshop thinks it is. New > Background from Layer and Flatten are not available.

      Photoshop CCss_005.png

      In CC 2015.5 with the same file, I get the same behavior. BUT, in CS6 with the exact same file open, I get the expected message:


      What am I missing here?