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    Prototype mode and Maximizing window bugs

    Jacek Sławiec



      I'm a Windows 10 Pro version 1607 (OS Build 14393.10) user. Actually I installed Anniversary Update manually due to security policy in my company.


      I have 2 big problems:
      1) When I open Adobe XD, make a first artboard and maximize the window I get something like on the picture below - I can Design only on this small piece of the screen. It doesn't happen when I maximize the windows before making the first artboard.
      2) When I switch from Design mode to Prototype mode I can't Prototype, it's impossible to link artboards. So that I switch to Design mode and... I can't design. I can choose the tool that I want, but everything is invisible. The only thing I can see is "text tool" - I can write something on the artboard, but when I "unclick" the text is hidden. More pics in the comments.