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    "Security error accessing url"

      i have two problems,
      one i keep getting the cross domain scripting error as stated in the message title ie "Security error accessing url"
      I have tried accessing the webserice using and http service requesta and a web service request. I kept getting the same error. I tried putting the crossdomain.xml file in the server root and it didnt have any luck either. Any suggestions would be helpful.
      one of the operations in the wsdl is called getlookupvalues, and it takes 4 parameters, database, username, password and lookupid. the lookupID is a GUID.
      when i tried create a request to getlookupvalues with the above paramters it kept giving me compile erros saying mismatched correlation of type guid and string. Think is becuase i am passing the guid as string. Any way to pass a guid as a guid rather than a string??

      many thanks,