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    Photoshop Creative Cloud 2017 - New Document Dialog Box Ridiculously Slow


      Why does the 'New Document' dialog box take an incredibly long time to open in Photoshop CC 2017? It's ridiculously slow, compared to older versions of Photoshop. This is an amazingly bad user experience and causes me delay after delay at work.


      A related and separate issue is when opening Photoshop every morning for the first time, I get an even longer delay which manifests itself in an even longer open time for the New Document dialog and also in the menu items at the top - I click on one of these and it takes ages to open; scrolling over them doesn't even show anything either.


      it seems as if Photoshop is constantly speaking to external Adobe servers or something and it is desperately annoying because it causes unnecessary delays in getting anything done.


      Very bad user experience.