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    Printing without dialog box

    jackh8500410 Level 1



      I'm making a maths learning app for kids using AS3. I have a page with a certificate and want to make a button which prints to the default printer with no printer dialog box.


      The code I have;

      pLvl1Print.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, printContent);


      function printContent(evt: MouseEvent) {

        var pj: PrintJob = new PrintJob();

        var started = pj.start2(null, false);

        if (started) {




        pj = null;



      The error I get:

      plusLvl1Cert, Layer 'actions', Frame 80, Line 7, Column 191061: Call to a possibly undefined method start2 through a reference with static type flash.printing:PrintJob.


      The problem line of code is in bold.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction? The other post's I've found don't seem helpful to me.