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    All my eBooks disappeared from ADE library


      Firstly, that I have to hunt down some method of inquiry regarding a pretty major issue with this product has greatly diminished my opinion of this company since tech support appears to be nil.

      That said, I opened my ADE today after not using it for a few months and my entire library has disappeared. I went to the ADE file in 'This PC' (aka 'My Computer' on older systems) to check the ADE folder and nothing is there either. I naturally then sought to find ADE tech support to solve this problem and was referred to this forum. My library included dozens and dozens of books, legally purchased and downloaded, that have now vanished without any explanation as to why. Being referred to a forum and crossing my fingers that some other ADE customer has the same problem and/or has figured out a solution to it is just bad business on Adobe's part imo. Recovering my merchandise is costly and time consuming if this issue cannot be solved and would likely not reassemble my library perfectly since I don't recall all of the book titles.

      Hopefully, someone on this forum has some updated information more current than the 2009 entry I found. I would deeply appreciate any help that can be offered here, and anyone who does you have my sincere gratitude in advance.

      And shame on you Adobe for not having a better more expedient way of handling tech issues than a customer forum. Which to me at this moment equates to saying "Got a problem? Fix it yourselves."


      Again, my thanks to anyone on this forum who can help.