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    Doging Burning with Lightroom - Can it be same as PS?

    blwegrzyn Level 1

      Is there a way to dodge and burn in Lightroom in a same way as in Photoshop?

      What should i use to doge or burn mid-tones in LR?

      Is the below table correct understanding of how both applications work?

      For me it seems like the dodging or burning with exposure or layers affect exposure in whole while old style PS tools affect shadows, highlights or mid-tones only.


      Dodge Highlightsmake local adjustments with Increased highlights sliderDodge Highlights
      Dodge Shadowsmake local adjustments with Increased shadows sliderDodge Shadows
      Dodge Mid-tones???Dodge Mid-tones
      Burn Highlightsmake local adjustments with decreased highlights sliderBurn Highlights
      Burn Shadows make local adjustments with decreased shadows sliderBurn Shadows
      Burn Mid-tones???Burn Mid-tones
      Dodge Exposuremake local adjustments with increased exposure sliderUse layers and paint brush with white
      Burn Exposuremake local adjustments with decreased exposure sliderUse layers and paint brush with black