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    Lip layers priority?


      Here's an odd one: my lip sync wasn't picking up OOO and OHH lips very well. When I'd say words like "you" or "oh no" the lips would default to some other shape. I noticed those two shapes were the lowest layers under my Lips and on a whim, I dragged them to near the top. Voila, the lip sync now picked up both shapes much better.


      So it seems there is a "priority" to which lip shapes the program wants to use, in order of the layers top to bottom under Lips. Possible bug?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          The mouth does have some logic into it to prioritize certain shapes, but not by layer order I believe - it's more to fill in the gaps if it can't find certain visemes, so it has fallback options. OOO and OHH aren't canonical names for our lip sync, but "W-Oo" and "Oh" are - is it possible they didn't get tagged correctly? I just tested here with a puppet in weird mouth order and it's working fine over here...strange...

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            danielmax Level 1

            Hi, thanks for answering. OOO and OHH were short hand (I'm new to the program) and I did mean "W-Oo" and "Oh". I tripled checked and they are tagged correctly.


            Understood you couldn't recreate the issue. Oddly, I'm still finding that reordering the lip layers produce different results. Ah well, thank you for trying!

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              One suggestion from Dan T on the team - can you check every mouth shape and make sure nothing is double tagged?


              His example: "If I add the W-Oo tag to the Ah mouth, it'll shadow the real W-Oo mouth and moving the W-Oo mouth above it will work around that mis-tagging."


              Is there anything that was possibly double-tagged?