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    After Effects Crashes on Zooming Out Beyond 100% in Comp Panel

    pld27 Level 1

      When I try to zoom out of my comp preview in the comp panel, either with the scroll wheel on my mouse or via the dropdown in the bottom left of the panel, After Effects freezes up and I am presented with the "Adobe After Effects CC 2017.1 has stopped working" message. I am able to zoom in without restriction; only zooming out beyond 100% (i.e. < 100%) causes a problem. AE also crashes if I adjust the value in the Views dropdown. Using the space bar and mouse combo to drag the comp around causes no issue.


      I am working with a 1920 x 1080 comp, 30 FPS. I have also tested it with a 200 x 200 comp, and the issue still occurs.


      I have 50 GB dedicated to Max Disk Cache, and 6 GB (of 8 GB total) available for AE.


      Anyone have any idea why I might be experiencing this? I am currently stuck viewing my comp at 100% or greater detail and cannot get a full view of my project without dragging it around. Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!