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    Adobe After effects free trial won't install.


      I tried to get the 30 day free trial for after effects. I clicked download, then opened it, then clicked "Run" and then "Yes" when it asked me "Do you want the following program to make changes to this computer?" After I clicked that, it didn't do anything. I tried moving the file named "After_Effects_Set-Up" to the users file, and it didn't work. Then I moved the set-up file to the desktop & tried to download it. Neither worked. I've tried doing this every once and a while for a couple of weeks, but it still doesn't work. My computer has definitely restarted between then and now. I looked at task manager, and there it is, "After_Effects_Set-Up.exe*32. Sitting there. Probably doing nothing. I'm on windows 7. If you guys can help me, then that would be great.