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    How could I add Existing Variables into a Paragraph using ExtendScripts?




      Based on a specific paragraph tag, I would like to add an existing variable (Name and Fmt) as part of the paragraph's text. I am able to add strings as part of paragraph texts at the moment.


      I was looking up extend scripts to do this, however I am quite not sure how to add a variable. I could only find instances of updating variable values and so on.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Giving a brief overview of my intention: (For example; Variable = "Part Number: 0x404"


                                  var newpgf = doc.NewSeriesObject(Constants.FO_Pgf, pgf);

                                  var attribute= doc.GetNamedObject(Constants.FO_VarFmt, "Variable");


                                  var textLoc = new TextLoc();

                                  textLoc.obj = newpgf;

                                  textLoc.offset = -1;




                                                                     doc.AddText(textLoc, "( ");


      Something like this:                            -> doc.AddText(textLoc, attribute.Fmt);       // Not Sure how to do this, possibly link the variable text range to this Text Location?

                                                                     doc.AddText(textLoc, " )");               


      Expected Paragraph:

                                                   <Previous Para>

                new Para:                    (Part Number: 0x404 )