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    Video is choppy when turning on presentation playbar


      I am having a technical issue involving my inserted .SWF files in my Breeze presentation. The files are choppy when I have the "Controlled by presentation playbar" setting turned on. Here is my presentation:


      In the second slide of the presentation, you can see the video controlled by the playbar is choppy. The rest of the slides all have the option unchecked for "Controlled by presentation playbar." Because this option is unchecked, the files placed on these slides seem to work properly, but can't be controlled by the playbar on the presentation. Whenever I check the "Controlled by presentation playbar" option, that particular slide tends to end up being choppy upon publication.

      The source files were compressed from MPEG2 (Sony Vegas) to SWF (Sorenson, non VP6) in this presentation. I have also tried using a variety of source files, from AVI, WMV, and other types of MPEG files, none of them work properly.

      What is the cause of this problem? How can I resolve it?

      If anyone can assist me in figuring this thing out, I'd really appreciate it.

      Thank you.