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    Line spacing issue when creating a document


      My document template was originally created in Publisher with single spacing, size 12 Times New Roman font. It is basically a whole page of lines that someone would write or type their own text into. I converted it to a pdf and have added a text box and edited the properties to be no fill, no fill color, no border color, font size 12, Times New Roman and set it for Multi-line in the Options tab.


      About half way down the page the text starts overlapping the lines on the original document making it look like strikethrough text. The document is an addendum to a contract so this is not ok, but I can't figure out how to fix it. I can't seem to find a line spacing option that might possibly correct this, and I've also tried to change it to a different font type that would help the spacing, but nope.


      Any advice or solutions would be much appreciated. TIA!