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    File reverted to LAST WEEK on crash



      My employee is working in photoshop on a painting for the last week.

      Today the powersource came loose on his laptop causing the battery to die without him noticing.


      When power was restored the computer came back on and had some updates to install (WIN10). When going to open the file it had restored to LAST WEEK's save point (Shows a save dat of 03/07, today is 03/14).

      I understand how a few hours work could be lost if it didn't autosave but a WEEK?! There is nothing in the file history or restore folders.

      I know he has a save last night at least as he sent me a WIP jpg and he would have save the PSD at that time.


      At this point I don't see a way to recover that file but I want to figure out what he might have done to avoid this happening again.