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    Need help with reading Lists' data

      Hi there, I need to know how to read data from list after transferring items by dragging from another list.
      I'm able to drag and drop items from one list to another. But, I dont know how to read the transferred data. I have tried to use the rowcount of the list to see if it really passes the items ( and it always comes out 8? event though there's just one item on the list), even tried to use list1.data or datalist - none comes helpful.

      The idea is - to show one list (on the left) and another empty list on the right. The user will drag the desired items from the list on the left to the second list on the right. When finished - click Create! - this button's suppose to pass the values\labels (I couldn't care which) to an ASP server .... In the following code I always receive "null".
      Any help?
      By the way - Where is the "Attach Code" button? What's the syntax?!

      The drags works perfectly - I don't see [object] [Object] - but the same text is transferred, which is great! :)

      //This Function sets the first list - get data from XML using HTTPService
      public function init(event:ResultEvent):void
      var topicsXml:String = event.result.toString();

      var arrayOfString:Array=topicsXml.split(',');
      var lenArray:int = arrayOfString.length;
      var arrayOfObject:Array;
      arrayOfObject = arrayOfString.map(toObject);

      private function toObject(element:String, index:int, arr:Array):Object {
      return {label: element};

      Second List items are simply dragged onto it.
      Now, as I said - I tried to pass using HTTPService (passing strings using POST method):
      OR just Data Or dataProvider OR selectedItems.

      How can I read all existing objects on the new list?