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    Photoshop CC "Could not use the spot healing brush because there's not enough memory.

    tony00777 Level 1

      Running Windows 10. Dell laptop purchased 3 months ago. 16 GB RAM


      I am only trying to spot heal a small area about 6 pixels across in an image that is 100 pixels tall and wide.  This is not really a memory issue. I have 9.7 GB of free memory according to my task manager.


      I tried increasing the memory usage, but it was already set at 10 Gigs of memory. (10069  MB)   This did not work.


      I reset all preferences. No dice.  I reinstalled Photoshop from scratch. No dice.


      Spot healing typically works fine even when I had very low system resources.  It worked fine earlier today.  This has nothing to do with the Memory Usage setting or Scratch Discs, which I can set to my C or D drive, both of which have plenty of gigabytes of memory. 


      I found articles on adobe forum that discuss earlier versions of photoshop, and they direct me to folders that don't exist for files that do not exist when I search on my computer. 


      Please provide a remedy.  I am trying to get some work done and this is necessary. I am under deadline.


      Thank you,