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    After effects working slowly

    vitor hugop59356062

      Hello guys.


      I recently bought a new PC but my after effects is working quite slow, it takes a while to render the files. My system is:

      Processor: i7 - 6800K (3.60 GHz)

      Ram: 32 gb 4x8 DDR4 2666MHZ

      Graphics card: EVGA GTX 1070

      MB: ASUS X-99 Deluxe


      Would anybody know what may be causing it to work slow? I thought some of the memory sticks might not be working but I don't think it's the cause... If somebody could give a help or let me know if I should improve my system please let me know.

      I am using it for a animation but I've done just 10 seconds so far.


      Thank you very much


      Vitor Hugo