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    Ram preview audio glitch after 56 seconds

    Gilligan Edits



      I've been working on a lyric video fro the past while (as a personal project) and I've noticed a strange audio glitch at 56 seconds. I song plays perfectly beforehand but after 56 seconds it sounds corrupted.


      It sounds as if the song has been layered on itself several times and those extra layers are short and repeat themselves constantly. It sounds rather eerie.


      -I tried a couple of things, I tried listening to the song just by itself (not in after effects) and it played perfectly throughout the whole song.

      -I tried doing a playback of the song in Premiere, worked perfectly

      -I tried moving the song file back in the comp (in after effects) to see if it was the file or after effects, and no matter what part of the song was at that spot, it always sounded corrupted at 56 seconds


      This confuses me and also gets in the way of my project, I could find ways to improvise (since it works in Premiere) but I'd rather know whats going on and how to fix it.


      any suggestions?