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    Fix telephone dial in

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      Hi, all


      Can adobe connect this following function? Use several fix telephone and mobile phone dial in at a same time with a fix phone number, after dial in, user should input the user name to passcode for the authorization. How to configure this function? Should I buy additional hardware such as digital gateway for the telephone switch?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Adobe Connect can use telephone intergration from one of the fully integrated parters (Intercall, Arkadin, MeetingOne, or PGi) or using Universal Voice to tie into any 3rd party conference bridge.


          If you are uisng Univeral Voice, you must have a toll-free number for Connect to call into. Attendees must call into the bridge. Attendees can listen and broadcast audio (if given permission) via VoIP.


          If you are using a fully integrated bridge, Connect can call out directly to attendees or they can call into the bridge. Attendees can listed and broadcast audio (if given permission) via VoIP.


          Here is a brief description of the different audio options and a walk through on setting up Universal Voice, Adobe Connect User Community.


          I'm not really clear on what workflow you are trying to achieve, but with the phone bridges out there, you can have mulitple people call into a phone bridge from any telephone device and it can be recorded in Connect. The authorization for the users to call in is dictated by the teleconference provider, not Connect.