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    Color of linked document is off


      Hi there,


      I'm making some (RGB) icon for my web-design in Illustrator, to be used afterwards in Photoshop (both CC 2017). After saving it as .eps, it's placed as linked file in the Photoshop document. But when doing that, the colors are slightly off. I've done the following things:


      • Make sure both documents have the same color space and settings
      • Make sure both colors have the same hex-values.
      • Make sure both colors are viewed on the same display.
      • Tested with a color that is not on the edge of the sRGB gamut, the difference was slightly decreased but still there.


      As you can see, after those four things the problem still exists. I'm looking for a solution to this problem.


      Thanks in advance!

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just to make sure - when you say color space, you are referring to sRGB/Adobe RGB etc? Because those have to be identical. A lot of people say color space when they just mean RGB color mode. That's not enough.


          If you can put a checkmark there, I don't really have an answer, except that "it shouldn't happen". So here are just some lines of further inquiry:


          Illustrator color management isn't quite as flexible as Photoshop's. You can't just convert to another profile, to do that you need to set Ai working space and then check "convert when opening". For a cross-app workflow between these two, it's always safer to ensure all color settings and policies are identical to begin with.


          Of course, identical color spaces should yield identical colors for the same numbers. That's the whole idea of color management! If that doesn't happen, the reason is that something trips up in the color management chain - the most obvious being that the embedded document profile isn't being read, and a default working space profile substituted instead. A more remote possibility is a broken monitor profile, which may affect display in one app but not another.


          A smart object document profile doesn't have to be the same as the "child" document's color space. In that case the "child" is displayed as converted into the master document. Unless the "child" has no embedded profile, in which case the master profile is assigned, possibly with a color change as a result.


          Concentrate on RGB numbers. There's nothing special about hex - it's just another (and obsolete) notation for the same thing. All numbers are relative to color space, whatever the notation.

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