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    Numbers at the end of a topic header truncated


      I have linked a great number of Word documents to Robohelp 11 HTML, all of which are formatted with headings and standard and other styles. Now I discovered that if there is a number at the end of a heading e.g. "2.2 Example 1", this number is truncated in the TOC of the output. It is just not visible. Is there any way to influence this behaviour? I already looked at the project settings and the conversion settings for Word documents but there are only options to drop the numbering of the headings (at the beginning of a heading), which does not meet my needs.

      Funnily there is a kind of workaround if a dot is added at the end of the number but this is a bit of a "dirty" solution and looks as if the number displayed was incomplete. I hope there is a better i.e. more professional solution! Any feedback, advice and ideas are welcome!