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    Acrobat DC Pro - Editing Text field issues


      I have been having issues when editing text fields. This one imparticular; How do I stop acrobat from re-numbering my paragraphs? I need this to stop. I do not want to retype 1000+ page publications


      I have a paragraph with numbered headings, I hit EDIT and select in the field. No worries. I actually edit some text and then Acrobat changes the numbered paragraphs!!




      AFTER I start editing



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This is not a text field, but static text in the file. PDF files were never meant to be edited in such a way, and doing so is tricky and risky, and should be avoided as much as possible. Hopefully you can get access to the original file used to create this publication. If you do, edit that file in the native application that created it and then generate a new PDF from it.

          If you can't do that, try exporting the PDF to a more suitable format for editing, like Word or InDesign. Edit the file there and then create a new PDF from it.
          Trying to do this task in the PDF directly is a fool's errand, and will cost you a lot of time, efforts and headaches.

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            Priyanja Adobe Employee

            Hi  anthonyr6944752 ,


            Sorry for the issue you are facing. We are able to reproduce the issue at our end. Issue has been forwarded to the concerned team for investigation.




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              anthonyr6944752 Level 1

              Can you also explain why this happens when using the Edit Text on pre-existing PDFs....


              While making simple edits to paragraphs, I have noticed that on many occasions "letters" will be dropped from full words. Spellings were correct before I clicked into a text field.

              Below are examples of words I found in 1 PDF that were changed by Acrobat to misspellings:


              figur 1 to figure 1

              Baffl to baffle

              Fittin to fitting

              Iockwashers to lockwashers

              Filte to filter

              identificatio to identification

              arming-firin to arming-firing

              flexibl to flexible

              firewal to firewall

              baffl to baffle

              fille to filled.

              Ventral fi to ventral fin

              Confir to confirm

              1-H1AAC to 01-H1AAC

              Hellfir to hellfire

              Fla washers to flat washers

              Fixe to fixed

              Aeriol ThixO to Aeriol Thixo

              Flang to flange

              Configuratio to configuration