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    Scale Expression Help


      I'm using Sound Keys. I understand how to picwhip the scale parameter of another layer to the output of the SoundKeys layer but I want it to effect only the Z parameter in the scale, not the whole scale adjustment. Please any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Define the value for z like this:

          z = drag the pickwhip to the Sound Keys parameter you want to use;


          Then set up your array to read the current value for x and y:


          [value[0], value[1], z]


          This is pretty basic expression language. You should spend some time with the expression reference guide if you plan on using expressions.


          I hope that you understand that in order for Z scale to have any effect on the layer you must move the Anchor Point in Z. This will make the layer move in Z space.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The scale (and position and orientation) parameters of 3d layers are arrays of 3 values.

            So, think of it as [scale0, scale1, scale2]

            You just have to point the z value to it and not the x and y.

            Something like [0,0,pickwhippedproperty] +value should do it for you.


            Edit: I see Rick and I were typing at the same time. His would work too.

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