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    Finding out duplicates of jpegs in raw


      First of all, im new to lightroom so i dont know much of its working so please help me understanding. secondly, the problem im having right now is that, i have a bunch of jpegs that were exported from lightroom previously using watermark. now of those specific jpegs i need raw files so i can post process on them specifically and export them without watermark.


      Basically, im a wedding photographer and every image that was clicked by me at the event is converted into low quality and watermarked for the client to just review them and select only a 100 out of them (which can be more than a thousand sometimes) that will further be post processed and printed in their albums.


      Please help separating the RAW files of the exact JPEGS only.










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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If the JPEG images have the same filename as the raw images (except for the file extension, of course) then you could import them into Lightroom if they aren't already part of the catalog. If the JPEG images are in a separate folder, then make a collection that includes all of the raw images and all of the JPEG images. Then sort the collection by filename. Now just work with the collection to do your final editing and export for the wedding album.