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    Photoshop elements 2014 Bulk import


      Stripped my computer now loading everything back. Stored my pictures under My elements into folders and then files.  Used bulk import and only my files are showing up with my pictures.  Why didnt the folders come across.  See pic below.  Also it used to show my folders that were on my computer and they arent there.Look at the first picture below on the left side .  The 2 picture is what is shown after the bulk import by main folders are missing? Thank you

      my elements catalog.PNGphotoshop.PNG

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          MichelBParis Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Look at your screenprint of the 'My Folders' panel. Just right of the 'My Folders' title, you can see a small icon with 4 horizontal bars: that is the menu which can let you switch from 'My Folders' to 'Folders (tree)' view.

          - My folders : alphabetical flat list of the last subfolders in the tree.

          - 'Folders': folder tree view like the one in the explorer/finder.


          Note that even the 'Folders' view only shows by default the folders or subfolders containing at least a media file in the catalog.

          To display the subfolders without any image file, right click on the containing folder and choose the option to show all subfolders.

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            mec4cast Level 1

            Thank you - i see it.