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    Topic generating correctly in one webhelp output but not in another output

    Timothy DM

      Has anyone encountered a situation where the same topic generates and displays correctly in one webhelp output but does not generate and display correctly in another webhelp output?


      I have a webhelp topic that includes two images and uses embedded DHTML drop-down hotspots (an embedded DHTML drop-down hotspot is a DHTML drop-down hotspot within another DHTML drop-down hotspot).  The topic in question does not include any conditional build tags (no topic-level tags are applied to the topic in the project folder or the TOC; the html code view contains no "condition" text, verifying there are no build tags in the topic on any part of the topic's content).  From within RH, the topic displays correctly when using the CTRL+W preview.


      From the same RH 2015 project, I generate different outputs for different software releases.  I have two single-source layouts that are virtually identical; they have different names and conditional build tag expressions related to release numbers, but all other features/settings are the same.  One single-source layout correctly generates the webhelp topic that includes the two images and uses embedded DHTML drop-down hotspots, and the topic displays correctly in the generated output.  When I use the other single-source layout, the topic is not generated correctly and does not display correctly in the generated output.  One of the two images is missing from the output.  The first level of DHTML drop-down hotspots works correctly, but none of the embedded DHTML drop-down hotspots work.  The missing image is in an embedded DHTML drop-down hotspot.  If I add the image to the correct location in the output folder, the topic's embedded DHTML drop-down hotspots still do not work.


      Any ideas?


      Other info that may/may not be relevant.  We recently moved content from one SharePoint server to a new SharePoint server.  I'm not sure if the problem existed before the move, so I don't know if the move caused the problem.  Also, it may be my imagination, but I think some of the file names that used to have underscores now have spaces in place of the underscores (e.g., "this_file_name.ext" is now "this file name.ext").  Would anything in RH 2015 cause this underscore-to-space replacement in file names?  Even if it did, could that cause the above error, keeping in mind the single source layouts are generating the output from the same source files?





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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Can you supply some screen captures of the things involved?


          I'd be happy to examine things if you could supply the topic in question.


          send the file to rickstone1975 (at) gmail (dot) com


          Cheers... Rick

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            Timothy DM Level 1

            This issue is resolved.  A short time ago, the project's master page was updated to include build-tagged content that would put "beta" text in the footer of each page when help was generated for the beta release.  The embedded dhtml drop-down hotspot content worked fine when the beta output was generated.  When help was generated for a non-beta release, which excluded content tagged with the beta build tag, RoboHelp excluded the embedded dhtml drop-down hotspot content from some but not all topics--even if no build tags were used in the topics themselves--but to which the master page was applied.  When the "beta" build tag was removed from the project's master page, the embedded dhtml hotspot content displayed correctly.  I suspect this issue is an RH bug.