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    Placing/moving clips in a sequence at sub-frame accuracy

    Rambutan Level 1

      Hi all, anyone got a workaround using supported or unsupported APIs to place or move a clip in a sequence using seconds or ticks instead of timecode?  Working with audio files and need to place items very accurately on the timeline.


      1st try: Got clip placement working but can only give times in TC ie snapped to frames

      2nd try:  Can set the CTI using ticks which is great, can omit a start time when placing a clip which uses the current CTI, BUT the placed clip time still snaps to frames .

      3rd try: Call a Powershell script which "presses" the "," key which accurately inserts a clip to the current CTI, but can't change the track targeting programmatically so has limited use besides the obvious hackz.


      PS: This is all while "Show Audio Time Units" is active for the sequence.

      PPS: I've tried the alignToVideo = false option of the insert function and doesn't  seem to do anything


      Any help is appreciated.