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    How do I get Stock to show up in Photoshop?

    kadeo48452523 Level 1

      I'm an admin for our CC for Teams account and just added Adobe Stock for Teams (750) to our account. I am able to search, license, and download images from the Stock browser site. However, in Photoshop, searching Stock in the Libraries panel only returns "Sorry, something went wrong while searching Adobe Stock. Please try again."


      So, I restarted my computer. No luck.

      I search online, and users with the same problem pointed to the Lavasoft Web Companion being the issue. However, I do not have this installed, and that software appears to be PC only, while I'm on a Mac.

      Then, I find users with the same problem went to Adobe Extension Manager to turn off the CC extension on Photoshop. I load up Extension Manager, but there are no programs listed. I eventually discover that Extension Manager is no longer supported, with apparently no replacement.

      I find a third party extension manager, Anastasiy. It works, but doesn't reveal any mysterious PS extensions. I have 1 currently installed, PSDcovers (for generating mockups).

      I've closed and restarted Photoshop numerous times throughout this troubleshooting process as well.


      I'm at a loss at this point of what else I can check. My next step would be to uninstall every Adobe app, then reinstall them all, which I want to avoid if it will be for naught.


      I'm running on a late 2014 mac mini, macOS Sierra 10.12.2, 16 GB RAM. All the relevant apps are up-to-date (I don't see how Muse, XD, Camera Raw, or Animate would affect this, but they are outdated). I've hopped onto a coworker's computer, which is an iMac on Sierra 10.12.3 (would updating my OS help? my mac store claims I don't need any updates, but I've learned years ago that the app store is horrific at distributing updates) and the in-app Stock feature worked perfectly.


      What should I try next? Thanks for any help!