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    Need help with vector graphic disappearing when scaled up

    Bill Shupp

      Hi Folks,


      I'm running into an issue where a scaled up vector graphic seems to randomly disappear unless I set the layer quality to "draft". The graphic is the yellow circular shape that you can see here:




      Notice that before the yellow shape scales down into the frame, it disappears a few times for a few frames each time. It's an EPS file in a comp called "Yellow Circle" with a mask applied to remove the text part of their logo. That comp is the in another comp "Background" with the flying letters layer underneath and animation of the Yellow Circle layer (spinning, scaling down, and a blur applied). In BOTH comps, the continuously rasterize option is selected. If I set the layer quality to "draft", this issue disappears during playback. But it shows up on render. (I've tried quicktime animation and ProRes HQ). I've tried disabling the blur, to no avail.  If I set the "Background" comp's size to 10000x5626, so that the scaled up graphic is in the frame, the problem also goes away when playing back with the "Yellow Circle" layer's quality set to "best".


      Any ideas what's happening here? Other things to try?