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    Emails and Fraudulent Account creation


      So...I received an email to an account I reserve strictly for family. Because this email is a first name only, it occasionally gets used fraudulently by people creating accounts wherever. It is not the primary email for my account here, but is a verified secondary one. When I received the email asking "Fake Name Here" to verify the email, of course I did not click on it. I mistakenly assumed that would be the end of it. That was a few days ago. Today I get notification to that email account thanking me for downloading an Adobe product, which means the account was now active. So I logged in using the email they pirated (for lack of a better word) and reset the password, since the emails come to me. My email was checked off as verified (a lie) in the Adobe account settings. I then contacted customer support to get my email removed from "Fake Name" account.


      Long story short, after a ridiculously long chat with someone I alternated in believing either wasn't fluent in English or was a 'bot (when I asked why my email was penalized in the account closing process, they replied that I "got 2T of free cloud storage"), the only solution I was offered was deactivating the account, which meant, according to the copy and paste response the agent gave me, that ""If you want to register for or purchase an Adobe product or service in the future, you will need to create an account with a different email address."


      Why should my email, used fraudulently, be penalized by Adobe? And how can Adobe claim that I verified the email (I have two-step verification for my email and checked to make sure it had not been hacked) when I did not for "Fake Name"?


      I know no one here can probably answer that, but does anyone have any suggestions (beyond the survey I received after the chat and promptly filled out) who to contact to express my dissatisfaction over how all of this was handled?


      Thanks for letting me vent and sorry if this is the wrong forum but none of the others even seemed close and I saw similar threads here about dissatisfaction with customer service.


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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Voronica,


          I apologize for the trouble you have faced related to the account.

          I totally understand your concern and will help you to the best possible resource.


          I don't think there should be any issue in resolving the query as per your preference for the account. I would want to investigate the interaction you had with support to understand the limitations.

          Is there a case reference number that you have for your interaction with support which I look up?




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            Magdalena13 Level 1

            Hi Sheena:


            The case reference number for this is 0221471442. This was a chat that lasted over 35 minutes, which, in my opinion, was ridiculous for the subject matter. My biggest concern is why does Adobe "penalize" the victim in situations like this, blacklisting an email that was used fraudulently?


            Thanks for you attention in this matter.

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Voronica, I have gone through the entire chat transcript and read the interaction that you had with the support agent.


              I apologize for the way the agent interacted and did not understand your query but instead was just sticking to the workflow for closing your account.

              Rest assured, I can see that the request for the deactivation of account with your email has been forwarded and that email will no longer be associated with your Adobe ID.


              However, since it was a fraudulent act (as claimed by you), in future if you wish to associate this email address with Adobe we can take that as an exception referencing this forum thread and the case # you provided.


              I hope to see a future association in providing Adobe services to you.