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    Photoshop Raw Stopped Working


      I have Photoshop CS5 Extended version 12.0.4x32. All of a sudden it's not recognizing raw images in either Bridge or Photoshop and I can't edit those photos. I checked for updates and it says there is a Photoshop Camera Raw plug in update available. I told it to update and it says there was a problem downloading the update. I tried it more than once with the same result. Why would photoshop randomly stop working and how do I fix it? Thanks for your help.

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Which version of Camera Raw is currently installed? In Photoshop, click Help > About Plug-Ins > Camera Raw


          The latest version compatible with CS5 is 6.7.

          Camera Raw plug-in and Adobe application compatibility


          If you've got Camera Raw 6.7 installed then there are no further updates.


          Which make and model camera are the Raw files from?

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            shans53416808 Level 1

            It says version The camera I'm using is Canon Rebel T1 (I think). I've had both the camera and the student photoshop version for 6/7 years, nothing has changed. It's just that one day I opened up the program and tried to edit my raw file (CR2) and it doesn't recognize the file. I've edited raw files for years. It does recognize jpg. I get raw files from my Canon S120 point and shoot and those are the ones it says is not compatible but I know I've edited those before. It seems I can open older raw files but not newer ones taken but neither camera has changed. The windows file recognizes it as a CR2. When I click on updates it does say there is a photoshop camera raw update available (6.7) so I go through the update process and it says there was an error downloading the update (happens every time). Any help you can give would be great. My stack of photos to edit is piling up! Thanks!