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    Dr Simon Andrew Casey - Where do I find Spot Colors in InDesign?


      I'm usually an AE or PS user, but I'm doing a job in InDesign, and have had trouble with people supplying non-overprint-friendly pdfs for me to use in the layout.


      ID has a great Overprint Preview option, but somehow I'm over the limit on spot colors (I have 27, op preview allows a max of 25). Where do I find these offenders to change them to process?


      I've done a lot of googling on this. The most recent discussion I've seen is 2013, and I have too many spot colors to use anyone's suggested solutions for finding spot colors. I just keep getting the "you have too many spot colors, please delete some spot colors to proceed (to find the damn spot colors)" message. Hurray for circular issues.


      I'm using CC2015 on a PC.