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    Flvplayer skin swf won't load on iOS

    rogerc96594825 Level 1

      I'm trying to use the FLVPlayer in an iOS app, and use the MinimaFlatCustomColorPlayBackSeekCounterVolMute.swf skin


      I embedded the swf into the application, as I know it contains some code, and apple don't allow swfs with external code to be loaded. (Actually the code gets stripped out if you try to load one).


      This works fine on the PC and also on the Mac


      But on iOS I get Error 3474 "


      Multiple application domains are not supported on this operating system.


      because of




      Looking at the FLV control, there doesnt seem to be a way to attach a movieclip from the library for the skin, as the skin paramater is a string which the FVLPlayer uses as the URL to load the SWF

      There also doesnt seem to be a way to set the loadercontext of the FLVPlayer e.g. to the Application context, which may possibly fix this problem.


      Currently, I assume that I'll need to probably need to have the skin as a movieclip in the library, but write code to individually set each of the buttons etc etc in the FLVPlayer object (that is created in the code), to the sub mc's inside the library symbol.


      Also, looking at what the MinimaFlatCustomColorPlayBackSeekCounterVolMute swf does, it seems to have code in it for the "Counter" which would need to have its own class and code, and I think the same applies to some, but not all of the buttons.


      Is this the only way to get a skin to work on the FLVPlayer on iOS ??

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          iOS doesn't allow external files with code in them, and the FLVPlayback component skins are exactly that. You will need to use a None skin version, and create your own buttons (or use the buttons in the components panel) to control the video.


          Also note that FLVPlayback on iOS does not play H/264 files, you would have to use FLV.


          You would get much better quality and performance if you used StageVideo, and played H.264 video. You would still have to create your own buttons to control the video.

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            rogerc96594825 Level 1



            Thanks for confirming this.


            I had actually bundled / embedded the skin swf inside the API, so its not technically loading an external file. But the domain that the error reported was "internal" which is not the same as the Application domain / context, hence the error.


            Its a shame that the FLVPlayer control, only accepts a String for the SWF location, rather than a preloaded Movieclip (Class), as a MC Class could be added inside the main application code, and hence would not break the iOS limitations.


            Anyway, Since I posted the question, I have started to write my own control "skin" system, but its going to take a number of hours of development to implement what the skin does by default (and which is already being used by PC and Mac users of my application)



            PS. I can't use stage video, because the video is linked to a separate SWF that contains something akin to subtitles, where I use meta data events, to update what is displayed in the other SWF


            And...  it all has to work with legacy content. (Video's and subtitle swf's)



            PPS. I already got the video playback working by removing the skin and getting the video to auto start.

            I don't have a codec problem as the video's are quite old and don't use H264.