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    Photoshop .psd files lose save location

    Garry Bradley Level 1


      Ever since I've had Photoshop CC 2017 installed on my Mac to replace CS6 it won't remember where files have been saved.


      To explain more, I open a file, say, off my desktop, do a change then save with Cmd S as normal. That's fine. Any subsequent work on the file then throws up the Save As dialogue because it's lost the route the file. This then happens on every save I do until I close the file and it's so annoying.


      What I've established is that it only does it with .psd files and not .tif or .psb which is strange. The file can be tiny and nowhere near 2gb which forces it to use .psb format. Also if I Cmd click on the title bar which normally shows you the route to the file it loses it's .psd icon and can't find where it is.Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 08.37.08.png

      Apart from totally reinstalling Photoshop, I can't figure out why this is happening. Creating new PS preferences doesn't work and the only third party utility I'm using is Default Folder, I turned that off and it still happens. CS6 doesn't suffer from this so I'm at a loss.


      Just me or anyone else?