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    Help needed with fashion changes, ref: Character Animator Live Episode 3



      My puppet has a basic female body shape and then over that i would to be able to have different clothes, fashion changes.

      I would like the clothes to morph along with the puppet as one would expect.

      If Im correct, In this previous episode #3 (see time 22 min) this exact mock-up is displayed, there is rigging on a body group and within that is a dress group that contains the fashion changes.

      The demo only slightly moves the puppets arms so it's hard to know if it actually worked.


      I would like my puppets rigging to work as suggested in this video( see Time: 22 minutes)

      Obviously it is possible to overlay different outfits and affect them with keystrokes without any dragging rigging involved.

      I hope this demo (Ep.3 CH Live) just didn't  have time to show this small but impossibly important detail.


      If it is possible that would be awesome!!!


      I did rearrange groups in order to re-create the same structure as in Ep. 3 (see Time 22min)  but had no success.


      My puppet is built in illustrator.