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    Finished Video Not Working


      I had been using the program just fine, with my movies rendering and saving just fine, but all of the sudden, when the process was done and I tried to open the completed movie, it wouldn't play.  I noticed the finished product only had about 28 bytes of data in it.  I tested it many times with different content to see what I could figure out, but was never really successful.  For really short movies, it seems to come out ok, but anything in the longer range, which is what I mostly do, seems to have the problem I mentioned.  What is strange is that when the processing is going on, I can see the audio and video components being saved in the folder, and they both have the GB of data you would expect of each, but once the processing is finished, it goes down to just the 28 byes and will not play.


      I have done a reset of my PC as well as redownloaded and reinstalled the software.


      I'll post some stats here just in case it will help:


      I am using Premiere Elements 15

      I do a lot of 1080 and 4k videos.

      Windows 10

      i7 @ 4 GHz

      16 GB RAM

      GTX 1080

      MSI board


      Thanks for any help that can be given!  I am totally out of ideas!