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    Muse browser showing withe strips on both sides.

    Cou Level 1

      Hi everyone.


      The website I'm creating with Muse has a totally black background. So it is totally black when I'm designing on Muse. However, when I run the local browsing test, it shows a white strip on both sides.  The weird thing is that it wasn't showing the strips before and everything was working well. Then, out of a sudden the problem started.   The whole background was black the way it should be. Now there is these two white strips on both sides.


      Additional information:

      The site has only 1 page, so far.
      There is no object placed outside of the canvas. All the content is within the limits of the canvas. 
      I've restarted the computer a couple of times.
      I've cleared the cash but nothing could fix the problem.
      The problem is not happening when I run the local test with other projects. So it must have something to do with the setting... BUT WHAT?



      I use a Mac desktop 27" and the website is 2350px wide so it should not be showing the white strips whatsoever. Correct?


      I have no idea what else could be done to fix this. So please HELP!!!



      Thanks a lot in advance




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          Cou Level 1

          There are two places that must be checked for the color of the browser. 


          • The section so called "Fill" just next to the section "Stroke", in which you can also find the "Scroll Effects" settings.
          • The section so called "Browser Fill", this one is just next to the section "Effects".

            Setting the color on these two sections should fix the problem.

            Give it a go and see.


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