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    Different hyphenations from in indd to idml


      Working since years with idml formate to exchange Indesign-data from most recent to former versions, we have now the problem that in the lower version the text is newly made up  and hyphenations have changed. It is not a question of settings – they are the same. Has anybody similar experiences and perhaps a solution of the problem? It is not funny to control all the text line by line in a document of 20, 30 and more pages.

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          George_Salnik Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately you can't work simultaneously on one indd with many versions of InDesign in your workgroup. Sometime you will be have problems as you have now.


          When firm needed to work with one publication/book this firm use identical to the version InDesign on each PC. You don't say what versions are you use now. As example CC-subscription give it to you a rights to download and use old versions of InDesign from CS6 (CS6/CC/CC2014/CC2015/CC2017).

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            To add to that: IDML has always been a last resort method, when harmonising versions is temporarily impossible, to move back and settle on an old version for the whole project, including careful review. Once the workflow problem forcing IDML is identified, workflows should be changed to avoid the need. IDML is simpler than INDD and can't express everything. And some things are just different between versions. Consider: if IDML was a perfect substitute for INDD, why would we even have both formats?

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP


              If you are doing work on documents that are constantly changing over long periods of time stay with the version you created the documents as long as you can.


              To prevent premature corruption of documents always do a Save As after a changing the document significantly.

              And do frequent backups of your work. If on Mac OSX set TimeMachine to an interval of 1 hour.


              Switching to a newer version of InDesign and editing text, unthread or rethread text frames of a story will likely force InDesign to redraw the whole story and changes with a newer text engine (the paragraph composers) would enforce new hyphenation.


              Using IDML will enforce redrawing every time you open the IDML file.
              In fact the whole document is built totally from scratch following XML instructions.



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                Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

                Just wondering:

                "It is not a question of settings – they are the same."

                What settings are you referring to?