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    adobe draw failed to send to desktop applications

    catiestrada Level 1

      Hi Adobe Team
      I can't send my files from adobe draw to my illustrator or any other applications.

      I have already logged out from both devices, I have updated both applications, but nothing is working.

      Could you please help? I have a deadline tomorrow and my work is trapped in Adobe Draw!

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Catie.


          I'm sorry Send to Desktop isn't working correctly. I have a few questions:


          * Do you get a Sent! notification in the app?

          * Are you having the trouble with one drawing or multiple drawings? If you've only tried one, can you draw something really simple and try sending that?

          * Make sure all your software is current: Illustrator CC  v21.0.2  (check this by opening the app and choosing About Illustrator from the Illustrator CC file menu), and the Creative Cloud Desktop App v3.9.1.335 (tap the CC icon in the menu bar, then the Gear icon, then Preferences).

          * Also make sure you're signed in to Creative Cloud on the desktop with the same log in (Adobe ID and password) that you use to sign in to Draw (many people have more than one ID and it's super common that they're signed in with one in the app and one on the desktop).


          And, since I can't see any of your device information:

          * What device are you using and what version of it's operating system?

          * What version of Draw are you using? (Tap Settings in the lower nav then About Draw.)


          If it's easier you can email me through the in-app feedback and all of your device information will be included automatically.


          Please let me know and we'll go from there.



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            Did we find a solution for this? I am facing the exaxt same problem and it's very frustrating. Can somebody help me upload to creative cloud from Adobe Draw? Pls

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Hi Avinash,


              Please respond with the information as asked by Sue Garibaldi in her post above.

              Also, please make sure that the Creative Cloud desktop app is updated. Please see Release notes for the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app for more details.