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    Indesign's summary

    Bru Strobel

      Please, I need help with Indesign's summary. The items of list repeat, I don't want this. I want only the first occurrence.

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          Eric Dumas Adobe Community Professional


          Can you provide more details on the version of InDesign and the operating system you are using?

          Also, it would help if you describe the type of document you are working on and what you are trying to achieve.

          Can you describe the 'summary' you are trying to create?


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            Bru Strobel Level 1

            The ultimate version CC and Windows 7.

            A Summary for the file and a summary for the book. This project is protucts catalog.

            There are several items with the same title, but I need only the first occurrence to appear in the table of contents.


            I don't a lot speack English. I hope I succeeded in getting me to understand.



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              vladan saveljic Level 4

              You could duplicate your paragraph style that you actually use for your titles and rename it in, for example, "Title for summary".

              Then you should apply this paragraph style only on the first occurrences of your titles.

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                vinny38 Level 5


                Which such a lack of information and not seeing any screenshot, I'll have to check my crystal ball...


                It says:

                You've got several pages with the same title - placed in a header or a footer - and you want that the Table of content returns only the first one. Am I right?

                If that so, create a "Running Header" variable based on the relevant paragraph style.

                Insert it in your Master page. ONLY in the page you want it defined first, unlock master element, and replace the variable by the title.


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                  Bru Strobel Level 1

                  Great! This is exactly my question! Thanks very much! vinny38