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    RHCL.EXE -b switch and Layout doesn't exist

    Krischu Level 1
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 9\RoboHTML>rhcl --help
      Adobe (R) RoboHelp Project Command Line Compiler version
      Copyright (C) 2006-2007, Adobe Systems Incorporated and its licensors. All right
      s reserved.
      Usage: RHCL [-?] project [-l layout_name] [-p [server_name[:user_name:password]]
       [-o output_folder_name] [-d]
      Option Description:
      project  Specifies a RoboHelp project file .xpj.
      -l       Specifies a layout name.
               Primary layout is used by default.
      -p       Specifies publishing server with optional username and password.
               If no server name is specified after -p, RHCL will publish the result
               to all servers that are available to the layout.
      -o       Specifies output folder name.
               The layout's default output folder is used by default.
      -d       Displays all layout name(s) and publishing server name(s).
      -b       Generates all layouts set for batch generation in the project.
      -g       Log File name.
      -?, -h   Requests online help.
        RHCL c:\project\myhelp.xpj
        RHCL "c:\my project\myhelp.xpj"
        RHCL c:\MY_DOC~1\MY_PROJ~1.XPJ
        RHCL c:\project\myproject.xpj -d
        RHCL c:\project\myhelp.xpj -l "Microsoft HTML Help"
        RHCL c:\project\myhelp.xpj -l WebHelp -p
        RHCL c:\project\myhelp.xpj -l FlashHelp -p server1:user1:password1 -p server2
        RHCL c:\project\myhelp.xpj -l "My Layout" -o "c:\Output\My Layout Output"
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 9\RoboHTML>



      -b says "Generates all layout name(s) set for batch generation in the project".

      But I'm getting an error, that the specified layout wouldn't exist: