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    Non-transparent areas printing darker than they should be

    benfrew Level 1



      I'm having some problems with a print on a Vario/Roll-Up/Pull-up, whatever you call them in your region.

      Basically, every area which does not have a transparent object in it has printed dark. I've never had this before over 1000+ print jobs, the big majority of which feature some transparent objects.


      This is the final print:




      And this is the transparency preview:



      So it's clear that those areas not in red, but in layers or arrangement below those which the transparent objects appear are the ones that have printed darker.  To be clear, the objects which are within the boundries of the red areas above have all printed in correct colour.


      All content is in CMYK, I believe it was exported to PDF/X-1a:2001 - could the export be causing the problem?


      Can anybody help?  What am i missing?


      Thank you in advance.


      InDesign CC 2017.0

      Windows 7 64bit

      Dell Precision M6800