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    Launching a file from a PDF


      I have set up a couple of kiosks at my work to help people fill out forms faster. But as I found out the hard way many people who come in are very computer illiterate so I added a help buttons on each page of the form that links to a short video for each page. But the following prompt always shows up.


      "Launch File

      The file and its view application are set to be launched by this PDF file. The file may contain programs, macros, or viruses that could potentially harm your computer. Only open the file if you are sure it is safe. If this file was placed by a trusted person or Program, you can click Open to view the file."


      There is a check box that says "Do not show this message again" but that only applies until the form is closed and reopened. I believe this is a trust issue, is there any way to turn it off on my kiosks or to make a javascript that will be universally allowed on my kiosks? I have a silent save javascript that circumvents the trust issue on my kiosks and I'm looking for something similar to that.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.