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    Firefox 3 Right Click Problem

      I am trying to select an item in a List on a right click. I accomplished this,
      but whenever the selectedIndex changes, there is a short delay before
      the List updates its display. To reproduce the delay in the example below, right click on the list items a few times to change the selection. Notice that clicking on the "next" button produces a smooth transition when the list selection changes.

      Here's my example. To view the source, right click and select "View

      I have tested my example in Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, and Firefox 2. The delay occurs in Firefox 3 but not in IE and FF 2. I found that performing the following steps to disable the Smart Location Bar auto-complete in Firefox eliminated the delay.

      1. navigate to about:config
      2. find browser.urlbar.maxRichResults
      3. set it to -1 (10 also works; firefox.com says 10 should be the default, but it wasn't on mine)
      4. exit firefox and go back to my example.
      5. The delay is gone!

      I hope Adobe takes note of this and can provide some insight or contact Mozilla. Thanks in advance!