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    Making Animation Smooth in Flash

    Quiet in the Corner
      Hi there,

      I've just started using Flash today so my question may seem a bit lame . . . but here goes.

      I took a series of photos of a phone set that I dropped into Flash so that I could animate it spinning round. The spinning works fine but the overall is effect is bumpy as hell. Does anybody out there know how I can smooth it out so that the phone just spins with no obvious joins between each frame?

      I followed the in-built guide and used 'keyframes' is that right, or is there a better way to do this?


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          Did you try turning the framerates up. usually the default is at 12. Don't go to high though because then it may have a blur effect.
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            Walter Elias Level 2
            It could be that your bitmap phone images are too large, and thus requiring too much processor power. When bringing photos or other bitmaps into Flash, it is best practice to bring them in at the actual size you want them to appear, so any resizing should be done before importing them into Flash. If you import a 1200x800 photo into Flash and then reduce it within Flash to 600x400, Flash still treats it as a 1200x800 image.

            I also tend to do any jpeg formatting before importing into Flash, since you have greater control of jpeg settings. But this is a personal choice, and something you may want to experiment with. FYI, for some reason Fireworks does the best job of jpeg reduction (best image quality/smallest file size) compared to Photoshop, ImageReady and others (I learned this latter fact from one of Adobe's top designers, who couldn't explain it, but demonstrated that it's a fact).

            Increasing the frame rate to as high as 24 fps (same as TV/video) might help. Too high a frame rate will put even greater strain on the viewer's processor, since it has to deal with that many more bitmaps per second.
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              Quiet in the Corner Level 1
              Thanks Walter. I think the original image size is around 1200x800, so I'll definately try reducing them and then recreate the animation.

              Thanks again!