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    CF is unable to get the binary file as a PDF in to Browser.


      After using the ActivePDF Toolkit function "Get_OutputByteStream" to put the manipulated PDF into a binary data variable (variable name "pdf"), I then pass that variable into CFCONTENT to display it in the user's browser.



      <cfcontent type="application/pdf" variable="#pdf#">


      However, the result is now a CF error page which says:

      "[S is not a supported variable type. The variable is expected to contain binary data."


      We tried everything suggested in

      cfcontent no longer works with ActivePDF in CF2016 [dealbreaker]

      I would like to know whether we could get some assistance with regards to this issue. We are able to provide you with evaluation key of ActivePDF toolkit and the script that we have trouble with. So far, we have tested with Classic ASP as well ASP.net and C# applications. They all work. The issue is with ColdFusion.