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    Can not update/reload Creative Cloud desktop app to then update all my Adobe software.

    brianc92640208 Level 1

      Ok I will start from the beginning...Had to change credit cards (identity theft) which was my payment form for my subscription for Creative cloud. Let my subscripton lapse one month till I utilized a new form of payment. Then proceeded to update all the software only to find out I needed to update the Creative Cloud App. Proceeded to do so. Uninstalled the old and installed the newest version. Went through the process restarted the computer and got the spinning ball of death. Never would load. read the forums and followed all the suggestions to get the Creative Cloud desktop access app to load. No dice. Even updated my mac to Sierra OS 10.12.3. Still no dice. Tried to just download the software i needed at this moment to update (Illustrator and InDesign) both times said I needed to have it opened/started by the Creative Cloud App. Still no updated software. Called customer service and they (in their broken English) repeatedly asked for my email address attached to the account after I repeated and even spelled it out to them multiple times. Still no help and still no update for Creative Cloud or the other Adobe creative software I need. Here is my problem. Because of these issues I have not had access to the updated software I have been promised by my subscription and I am now going on two months of not utilizing the software as a whole.


      My questions are these:

      1) How do I get Creative Cloud Desktop App to load? (spell out the steps and do not reference your website...does not work..I have tried)...

      2) Do I get a refund for the several months that I have been without the creative cloud software inactive and unable to utilize for my work?

      3) Will I able to talk to a real person who know what they are doing (with a better connection...their excuse when I called) that can help me?

      4) Are you going to rectify your poor live customer service? My experience was horrible.


      I appreciate anyone's help (users of adobe products) or it would be even better if a representative from Adobe answers this directly by contacitng me via my email at flyingeye@mail.com or call me directly at 405.412.8459...


      thank you