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    Lightroom lag making me almost completely ditch it.




      So I have made posts about this issue before, I have asked for help reducing the lag when editing photos with adjustment brush etc.


      But now I face other problems that is basically making me really look for other products similar to LR but without these problems...


      1. Making 1:1 previews of virtual copies that have been heavily edited does sometimes not seem to work. When zooming in on the picture, it can sometimes take up to several minutes for it to load.


      2. I feel like I often need to, in order to reveal the true sharpness of an image, zoom in on it first, and then back out. It's ridiculous.


      3. When editing an image that has been heavily edited with adjustment brush, the lag is immense. For instance, I was browsing through my collection when I stumbled upon an image that I wanted to straighten up a tiny little bit.
      This is impossible. I cannot do it. Lightroom keeps crashing and loading forever. In other words, I cannot make small adjustments to images that I have all ready edited quite heavily with brush.


      4. Several times when opening Lightroom I get the longest loading screen ever. Especially if there is an image with a lot of different adjustments made to it, as I am opening the program, just where I left off the night before.

      This is a very common sight for me, "program not responding" and the Lightroom screen just turns white or blurry (see image).




      So what now? I don't want to pay every month for a product that clearly isn't working properly or is not customer friendly.

      My computer is a very fast gaming computer, got all the latest drivers etc. I have made a lot of effort improving Lightroom by reading articles online and I have followed the steps in order to optimize it.
      I may have missed one or two things but most of it out there I've tried, and it has not improved the situation much.


      Any help and feedback is deeply appreciated.